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Can I Do an Assistive Solutions Factory Restore?

Before carrying out a refresh of your PC you should check to see whether or not Assistive Solutions has a customised image of your laptop stored on your computer. Otherwise, the default manufacturers one will be installed. An Assistive Solutions image will have all of your assistive applications and setup installed, the manufacturers one will not and would require you to re-install all your assistive applications.

  • Go to the start menu (you can press the windows key to do this), search for and open 'File Explorer'
  • Look in the directory 'Local Disk (C:) -> ASRecovery'
  • If this directory contains a file called CustomRefresh.wim then a custom Assistive Solutions image has been created for you

Restore Factory Image While Keeping User Data

Windows 8 includes the ability to 'refresh' your computer, while keeping all of your personal files. Be careful though, there is also a simlar option to 'refresh', but that also deletes all your files and restores the computer to the factory setting.

If you choose the 'Refresh your PC without affecting your files' option, and you have an Assistive Solutions recovery image available, your computer will be restored to the time it left our offices, while keeping all your personal files. Note though that any other applications installed after this will be removed.