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You can place your DSA order online by filling in the form below. Alternatively you can order your equipment over the phone on 0800 411 8875 or email You will need the Entitlement letter from Student Finance England / NHS or your local funding body to hand. Please check out the DSA Order Process for more information.

Customer Details

First Name*
Telephone number*
Alternative number
Delivery Address*

Course Details

Place of Study*
End of Course Date*

Acceptance Letter Details

Customer Reference Number*
This number will be in the top right corner of your DSA Acceptance Letter
Funding Body*
The name of the funding body will be in the top right corner of your DSA Acceptance Letter. Examples include Student Finance England (SFE), Student Finance Northern Ireland (SNI), NHS, SAAS, and others
Quote Number / Report Reference*
The Assistive Solutions quote number will be on the right hand side of the table of entitlements on your DSA Acceptance Letter

Delivery Dates

Please indicate what days are generally good for you for delivery.


You can upgrade some of your equipment. Please note upgrades are completely optional. Find out more about upgrades on DSA Order Process page.

Send me upgrade options. Please use comment box below if you have a specific request.

Upload Confirmation Letter

Please upload your Disabled Students' Allowances (DSAs) Entitlement Letter

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Preferred Communication Method
Language Preferences
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