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Protecting Yourself Against Bad Software

Antivirus Software Cannot Protect You

Although many viruses are blocked or detected by antivirus software, many more aren't. Additionally, they won't stop you installing adware, toolbars and other 'nuisance' rather than malicious software

Only Install Software From Trustworthy Sites

If you don't need it, then uninstall it! Just because you arent using them doesnt mean they aren't running

Only Install Software You Need

Seemingly innocent small games often hide advert software, browser toolbars, search engines to redirect your computer use.

Uninstall Software You Don't Need

If you don't need it, then uninstall it

Beware the Scareware

Windows that pop up telling you that your computer is infected and that you must click here to clean the problem.These are often pretend threats to get you to click somewhere, often installing malicious software or adware. If a real threat is detected there may be a pop up, but always start the antivirus program installed manually to check, this guarantees you're using the 'real' software.

The same is true of anything claiming to be a 'registry cleaner', you don't want them.

Never Pay Ransomware – Avoiding Someones 'Sucker List'

Don't pay money to ransom programs, this guarantees you will both make someone richer and also go down on the list for more targetting

Watch Your Installers – The Importance of Avoiding 'Clickthrough'

Even big name software will often try to install advert programs by default. Watch out for pre-selected tickboxes during install.



Malicious software, often designed to steal or quietly use your computer

Viruses and Trojans

Programs that spread themselves secretly, often to install malware onto the computer


Programs that try to serve you adverts, often redirecting your browser to a different homepage or search engine


Software that pretends to detect viruses but actually wants you to install some useless, adware, or malicious software


Software that locks your computer and demands money, often claiming to be from a law enforcement agency


Add ons installed into your browser to try and get you to use certain sites and search engines, again to generate advertising revenue