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Grammarly for DSA.

Grammarly provides students with ways to rapidly improve spelling, writing, and grammar as well as enhance organisational skills, and prevent plagiarism. It is a compensatory tool that has remedial benefits.

Available anywhere

Grammarly integrates with most browsers, Office products, desktop and mobile apps offering real time writing suggestions to help students

Beyond Grammar

Grammarly provides real-time writing suggestions to students to improve clarity, word choice, and style, making their writing more impactful.

Built-In Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly includes a plagiarism checker to help students manage their research and ensure they are referencing correctly.

Grammarly will allow Student to structure the process of improving their academic writing skills by clearly identifying areas of improvement they can explore with their Study Skills Tutor or Mentors while building their confidence in their ability to learn effectively. Grammarly will also reduce anxiety around spelling, grammatical errors, tone and syntax and help improve Student's writing skills, thus improving student confidence and allowing Student to work more efficiently. This will make it possible for Student to concentrate more on content and achieve better academic outcomes.