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What Makes us Different?

A Fresh Approach

Working with thousands of people in their homes, offices and universities provides us with a deep understanding of our customers' requirements. On-site Engineers, 1-1 Trainers and Tutors are integral to our One-Stop-Shop service and help us to continually learn about how software, hardware and strategies are consumed ‘on the ground’. We pride ourselves on being experts on how people learn and the science of learning. An understanding of how individuals utilise specialist equipment in their own environment is complemented by systematic customer feedback which provides objective data on products and services we provide. We put a lot of importance on facilitating improved ways of working for customers, and the customer experience, and a good understanding of peoples' requirements allow us to continually improve the way we work.

Experts in Agile Technologies

We work with all common assistive software and hardware from free to paid for solutions. We take an active role evaluating new products and finding effective ways of implementing technologies to assist individuals. Simple solutions can be hugely effective. All technology is strictly speaking 'assistive', thus we are more and more drawn to the term "Agile Technologies". Agile Technology alludes to the enhanced working practices and flexibility that present-day, often portable, technology can provide.

A Focus on People

Within the boundaries of effective pricing and service level agreements, we are focused on assisting individuals. We understand that while equipment can be the same, each person's requirements are unique. DSA customers benefit from our friendly and efficient order process, including online ordering, and innovate Training techniques to enhance the way they produce work and study.

A Focus on Learning

We specialise in facilitating the effective use of assistive equipment. Using techniques that put customers in control, we adapt Training to the learning style of the individual. The results for customers are new and effective ways of working.