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"Tell me and I'll forget.
Show me and I'll remember.
Involve me and I'll understand"

What is Assistive Technology Tuition / Training?

Our Assistive Technology Tuiton/ Training is designed to help you save time while working and improve the quality of your work output. 1-1 sessions explore methods of working, using assistive technology, to accelerate work. More Training/ Tuition sessions take place in your home or work place. If required, you can take your training in neutral training rooms in Old Street, London. In some circumstances we can also arrange Remote Tuition. Remote sessions, when the Tutor is in a separate location, allow us to provide Tuition at short notice, accommodate those on exchange programmes in other countries, and provide Tuition out of office hours. We encourage face-to-face, in person Tuition as Tutors can understand more about individuals learning style, fix any hardware problems, and communicate more simply. When remote Tuition is considered, we recommend that the initial session be in person so that the Tutor can understand individuals situation and needs.

Individuals Learn in Different Ways

Each 1-1 session is tailored to your working or learning style, your existing knowledge, and the work you need to produce. Putting you in control, Tutors ensure that you drive the session and are hands on with the software and hardware. This helps Tutors tailor sessions to your requirements and ensures that you get the most from training. Tutors will provide plenty of guidance but will not dictate a set format for the session or engage you in anything that you don't feel is useful to your circumstances.

Example areas that may be Covered

For some, improving organisation and planning can be key, for others a focus on improving written work is vital, while many also benefit from looking at research techniques etc.More In your first session, you can run through your aims, and identify how you work currently. The Tutor will then set out an individual learning plan with specific topics that will be useful to you. Please note this preplanning approach to sessions is not applicable to all and is not mandatory. Often freely exploring software and techniques with the tutors guidance can throw up all sorts of useful new ways of working.