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About ABBYY FineReader

FineReader converts physical and electronic documents into editable files for use in Word, Excel and other applications. FineReader provides up to date high quality OCR, that supports complex formatting.

What makes FineReader the Leading OCR Package?

ABBYY are committed to making FineReader - ABBYY's flagship product - the best OCR solution. What is it that sets FineReader apart? FineReader 11 is very simple to use, but contains tools for complex OCR tasks. Superior image-to-text conversion, relative to other OCR packages, makes FineReader the preferred OCR solution on a PC. FineReader Express Edition provides OCR for the Mac platform.

Perfect for Book Scanning

FineReader 11 facilitates Book Scanning like no other software. It is easy to lose track of where you are and muddle up the sequence of pages when scanning books. The thumbnail preview in FineReader lets users rearrange and insert any missed pages to create the correct sequence of text ready for export. Users can isolate Specific Areas of Text: to avoid extraneous parts of a page confusing text-to-speech software, simply select the text that is required and then export it to a Microsoft Word©.

Exceptional Photo Conversion

FineReader's superior image-to-text conversion makes it easy to photograph a page of text, e.g. snapping a reference book in a library with a camera phone, and convert it to editable text on your computer. FineReader automatically inserts book title and page numbers into the header and footer sections of Microsoft Word©.