What does WordQ 5 offer to schools?

WordQ 5 provides a full range of features that teachers can use in the classroom to improve and expand spelling, vocabulary, word usage and pronunciation. In the classroom, software encourages students to use challenging new vocabulary and remove barriers for those pupils who find it difficult to spell words correctly. Integrated text-to speech gives pupils the opportunity to proofread and check their own work. Voice training and speech feedback can teach pupils to read aloud and show them how to pronounce new words.

  • Home Access for students
  • Pricing with no subscription
  • Saving money on Exam Scribes. Read the article here 
  • Inclusive practice 
  • Topic lists for each department 
  • Raising whole school literacy and OFSTED rating. Read the article here 
  • Cost effective reasonable adjustment. Download the price list here


WordQ provides the necessary tools to boost confidence and gain independence in the classroom. Many schools and higher learning institutions are already enjoying the benefits of WordQ:

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