Literacy in the Digital Age


Today jobs at every level are more often than not reliant on some form of literacy. Check lists, health and safety forms or email communication are fundamental tasks that require literacy skills. This trend is not just confined to the workplace. Even to socialise people need to be able to interact on social media, even finding a date requires fluent online writing. In short, if you are not able to read and produce written text you are more disadvantaged than ever before. Literacy empowers individuals and social groups. It correlates with increased income and better health.

“Literacy is a fundamental human right and the foundation for lifelong learning. It is fully essential to social and human development in its ability to transform lives.” UNESCO (1975)

What does it mean to be “literate” in today’s world?

Definitions of literacy change as technology continues to seep into our lives. Literacy comprises a rapidly expanding range of skills that extend beyond traditional reading and writing media. Today’s literacy is connected to emails, mobile phone communication, blogs, eBooks, social and business networks and other rapidly developing digital tools.

Assistive Software facilitates literacy

Literacy itself is more complex and vital than ever before, while illiteracy can be easily addressed using compensatory digital tools. Assistive software tools often have remedial benefits, engaging those who are disaffected or excluded from reading and writing.  Digital tools can be the bridge to getting people back involved and developing their literacy skills. If someone cannot read or write, it does not mean that they are excluded. They still can participate using assistive technology and get back on track.

WordQ SpeakQ software can Empower Users

WordQ SpeakQ is an inclusive tool that aids people of various levels of literacy, allowing them to express their ideas with fluency within education, work and social media. An easy-to-understand design helps people seamlessly address literacy. The software opens new world allowing independence facilitating advanced text based comprehension and expression. It is an adaptable tool that is used by adults and young learners alike to great effect. To try it for FREE click here.


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